“It’s Not Your Business What Others Think of You” Is the Most Profound Wisdom You Can Learn — Here’s Why

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Some drama was dragged to my doorstep, and it rocked my inner world.

A woman I know in both my professional and personal life had left a nasty comment on one of my private Facebook posts. I had shared a link to a reported piece I wrote for a popular national magazine. In it, I had to interview several experts and weave their ideas into a generic yet relatable narrative to show readers how the science I was referencing could be helpful in their lives. It was a straightforward reported piece that took research, interviews, writing, fact-checking, editing, and publishing. I may have been the author, but I had a stellar team of colleagues helping to make that piece shine.

“What others think about you ain’t your business, sis.”

How I wondered, do I apply this mantra to the boiling internal anger and embarrassment that I felt over this woman’s mean-spirited comment?

There’s a powerful flip side to this mantra.

If that woman’s thoughts about me are none of my business, then the opposite must also be true. My thoughts about her are none of her business. When I realized this, I found a sense of power in a situation where I once felt powerless and fearful.

I will not give people free space in my life where they can mistreat me.

There is a kind of freedom that comes from internalizing that line of wisdom, “what other people think of you is none of your business.” It freed up my head and heart and gave me the self-confidence and power to make choices about how I respond to jerks who try to tear me down. Boundaries are an incredible tool.

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