Reading Suspense Thrillers Calmed My Anxiety During the Pandemic

Science proves that horror can help with mental health.

Image courtesy of the author | Sarah Cottrell

Science says horror can calm your nerves.

In a fascinating 2018 study, researchers figured out that exposing people to simulated threats through horror movies can calm anxiety. In other words, watching scary movies can actually make you feel better. But I’m too much of a wimp to stream anything spookier than Scooby-Doo on Netflix.

I am too afraid of horror, though.

When I was a kid back in the 1980s, I got a little cocky and told my mom that I wasn’t afraid of anything. My friends and I wanted to see a new movie called The Poltergeist (just writing that gave me chills) so I lied to my mom and said that all my friends had already seen it. She figured I wouldn’t make it through the first scene, but she agreed to allow me to watch it anyway. What ultimately happened was that I was scared shitless and gave myself mental and emotional scars. Don’t judge my mom, though; she truly didn’t think I’d sit through the film.

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